The specialists

Delivering world class specialists for your care

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State of the art investigations for immediate diagnosis and management of your health

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Health Screening

To pin point your health and to ensure it stays risk free

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Primary Care Clinic

Join the exclusive list for one of the worlds most sought after Primary care doctors

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Welcome to Acute Healthcare

We aim to provide the next generation of personalised doctor services. At Acute Healthcare it is all about you the patient. We constantly challenge ourselves to continually enhance patient care.

Our patients have direct access to their own Doctor meaning they receive a personalised service from the first point of contact. We build lasting and trusting relationships with our patients and work in partnership to understand, educate and learn on all health aspects to minimise disease risk and promote a healthy lifestyle.

We reward our member patients with the ethos of giving back to the patient.  We want to enhance well being all round for patients, not just in health, but in mind, body and soul.

We strive to deliver world class preventative care and successfully do so by having both a personalised and vested medical interest in the management of you, the individual.

Our hand picked specialist consultant partners deliver world class medical care which we are proud to be part of and work alongside such established and distinguished medical professionals.

Register as a member and see how we extend beyond the clinic, managing health between consultations. Health is not just within a clinical consultation room, it is the fundamental foundation of life. We are Acutely  aware of this and work with patients to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Patients Charter
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Medical Education
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Fundraising for Charity

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The Services

Spinal Pain Management

Slipped disc Disc protrusion Axial stenosis Disc augmentation Sciatica...

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Mental Health

Depression Addictions Anxiety Perinatal psychiatry Post-traumatic stre...

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Foot Surgery

Toe shortening Toe deformities Bunions Joined toes Ingrown toenails To...

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Gastric Tract & Liver

Dyspepsia Abdominal bloating Helicobacter pylori infection Inflammator...

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Primary Care

Acute illness Infections Cardiac disease Blood pressure control Lipid ...

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Nutrition and Personal Fitness

Improving body shape, fat loss and muscle gain Reduction in pain from ...

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Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Osteopathy Sports massage Pilates Rehabilitation Pregnan...

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Breast clinic

Breast lesions Breast cancer Painful breasts Nipple discharge Breast c...

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Recurrent urine infections Urinary incontinence Renal tract stones Ren...

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Shoulder dysfunction Knee pathology Foot and ankle pains Hand and wris...

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Prenatal care Pregnancy care Fertility issues Ovarian reserve Menstrua...

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Haemorrhoids Bowel bleeding Diverticulosis Colorectal cancer Gastric t...

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Chest pain Heart attack risk Stroke risk Palpitations Blood pressure c...

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Ear, Nose and Throat

Sleep apnea Snoring Nasal congestion Nasal polyps Sinusitis Tonsillect...

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Skin cancer : melanoma, basal cell carinoma Mole mapping Mole removal ...

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