Dr Sunil Chopra


Tele: 0207 467 3720

Email: reception@the-dermatology-centre.co.uk

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Dr Chopra’s undergraduate training was at University College London and he did his postgraduate medical training at University College London and Chase Farms Hospital.

He also did one year’s training in chest medicine at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Dr Chopra spent two years carrying out full time research on the blood and nerve supply of skin, two years working at University College London, two years at Hammersmith & Ealing Hospitals and two years at Bart’s & The London Hospital.

His specialist interests include skin cancer, scalp problems, pigmentation problems, acne scarring and rosacea. Dr Chopra works primarily at the London Dermatology Centre.

He also runs a research group into skin cancer and its possible treatments. He has invented an anti-cancer drug which has shown great initial promise.

Dr Chopra recently received ‘Professional of the Year’ Award from Asian Voice Magazine.