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The Isokinetic Medical Group is an internationally recognised leader in the fields of sports injury treatment, orthopaedic rehabilitation and research with over 25 years’ experience successfully treating patients.

The medical team relies on the co-operation of well over a hundred experts including doctors and physiotherapists. Using our own treatment model, we ensure that each of the 10,000 patients we see every year receive the very best quality of care possible.

Our model is unique because it places the patient at its heart – doctors and physiotherapists co-operate on a level not seen in the medical world. This ensures that you, the patient, get back to health as quickly as possible whilst being kept up to date with your recovery progress.

Thanks to our hard work over the years, Isokinetic have been recognised as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, one of only 24 centres around the world to possess these credentials.


Our clinical team in London is led by our Sports Physicians – Dr Phil Batty and Dr Matthew Stride, consultants in Sport and Exercise Medicine, with a strong experience in Sports Rehabilitation.  Their experience is across Football, Rugby, Olympic Sports and at the Ministry of Defence’s state-of-the-art Headley Court Medical Rehabilitation Unit. The clinical team is also supported by one of the world’s leading Sports Medicine specialists, Dr Peter Brukner, whose work has been rewarded with a Medal of the Order of Australia. Dr Brukner’s achievements are too many to list, to read his full history.  All our doctors, sports physiotherapists and Sports Science experts work closely together to ensure that the focus is on our patients, not just their injury. Our administration team complete the triangle of patient care, working with you to manage logistical and financial considerations.