Patients Charter

Health is about caring for what we as humans all have yet so easily forget.  The soul inside us is the driving force for every aspect of what we do.  To have that force functioning to its maximum potential needs a lot of energy and effort for our bodies.  We all push our minds and bodies to the limit in one way or another, be it day to day activities, sports, work, emotional stress or pleasure.  We need our body to react to all of the conditions put on it.

 Acute Healthcare is not just helping people when they are unwell.  Acute has the ethos of being there for the soul.  Dealing with the physical health issues as well as the mind and emotion.  With its multi-disciplinary approach, Acute Healthcare will look at you from a 360 degree approach.  It is not just a clinic, our patients, sorry, our members are close as family to us as we show we can care like you are one of our own.  We build caring and lasting relationships.

Yes we have the latest investigations, blood work, scans and so on.  Most clinics have all the access to investigations they need.  What makes our services different : You do.  What you wear is a reflection of your mood that morning.  How you choose to care for your health is a reflection on how you value the opinions of your loved ones around you who want to see you well.   We will strive to do that and also will ask to better ourselves to keep doing that keeping you safe and healthy.

Facilities at our finger-tips offer you the smeamless pathway of investigations from MRI scanning, ultrasound, CT scanning, X-ray to all the blood tests that are needed for diagnosis and management of your health.  This is all directed in house by our doctors and our partner specialists with your input and understanding along every step.

We will care for the simple cough or cold to heart disease and diabetes and cancer managment with care and respect at every level.  A personalised approach making the patient feel at ease and comfortable as we all know that health matters and can be very demanding on the emotional well being of someone.

What makes us different

We want to build lasting relationships with our patients so we can truly offer every aspect of healthcare to them.  To be honest, we all know prevention is better than cure, so why not start before any illness presents? Acute Healthcare wants to engage with people when they are well, not just when you feel unwell.  Why wait for illness.  Let us see you and investigate you to reduce any risk of disease or illness occurring.  Once a year, twice a year, once a month, how often you feel with the doctor, you need a review, just to make sure all is on track with your health and risk is being minimised.  We have a truly down to earth, approachable manner about how ethos of care.  We want you to be able to have the comfort of being able to contact us whenever you need for anything simple on your mind or more complex help concern, or even if you just want to say hello!

Private medicine has been the subject of good and bad exposure in the media in recent years.  We at Acute Healthcare want you to feel, regardless of the word Private or Public, it is the medical care and input for you that is important.  Price cannot be put on health, yet many people shy away from paying for aspects to improve their health and will spend on other aspects.  Let the feeling of your body and mind justify your means of paying for medical care.  We want you to forget about the aspect of expense when it comes to your health and this is reflected in our approach and what we can offer you to feel safe and healthy.

Feel Healthy and Feel Alive