Health Screening

Health screening is a phrase that is used many times over in the medical world.  What does it actually mean and how can we work with you to make it a meaningful service?

Well, there have been many pathways for health screening developed in the past, from companies that offer head to toe scans to others that offer questionnaire based screening.

What Acute Healthcare provides, is a bespoke, personalised health screening approach.  It is about listening to a patient, looking at the risk factors, examining the patient accordingly and then testing for those at risk aspects of illness and disease.

The results are then looked at by the doctor who saw the patient and examined them, and then the health screening report is developed on that basis.

Now, the term health screening, is exactly that, it will screen for your health.  What needs to be remembered is that health screening can be looking at one aspect, or a range of aspects to do with your health.  Remember, the body has a number of different symptoms working together and so health screening can become complex.  This is why you should consider the following :

  • If you get health screening from anywhere, please be sure to have that personalised doctor touch.
  • Remember bedside manner and the ability of a doctor to listen and apply his or her knowledge to your health is the fundamental aspect of medicine.  Investigations should be used to confirm the working diagnosis of what the doctor is thinking.
  • Investigations and test results on their own mean nothing without clinical input.

All our health screenings are done in person by Dr Lidder to ensure all aspects of illness are considered as you will have the ability to discuss all your concerns with the doctor at the same time.

A typical pathway for our Health screens is:

  1.  Patient meets Dr Lidder, full history and examination and blood testing carried out according to clinical need
  2.  Results and report generated by Dr Lidder and sent to patient
  3.  Outcomes and management plan discussed with patient
  4.  If further testing or investigations are needed, the patient normally becomes a member on Dr Lidder’s list
  5.  Regular monitoring of health is then undertaken to enhance good health

Our Health screens start at £300, (unless you are a member where this is free), and this includes personalised assesment by Dr Lidder, examination and blood testing.

If you are a non-member but have had a health screen in the past with Dr Lidder, your health screen will be at a discounted rate of £190.

10% of all non member health screen payments are donated to the charity fund by Acute Healthcare and so you are being healthy and aiding charity.

  • Here is a sample Health Screen Report tracking your results:

Sample Report

We do not believe in scanning or blood testing without good clinical reasons and therefore, all aspects of investigations with the health screening are done with your full clinical understanding of why the tests are recommended.  This is the ethical way to do health screening.

The majority of Dr Lidder’s patients have health screenings done with a view to becoming a member on his exclusive list.

For more information and to get an idea of your personalised health screening aspects, do kindly click the below link and fill out the relevent details.  You may ask any questions you have to ensure correct health screening aspects are answered including how to book in for a health screen: 

Questions for appointment for Health screening” 

Remember, your body has over a million different systems functioning, how do you know they are all doing their job correctly?  Get screened, even if its once a year.