This stands for Magnetic resonance imaging. It is a scan that uses magnetic and radio waves to produce images of the body. It is performed while you lie on your back and enter a tube. The scan is used to look at tissue and organs of the body such as the brain, spinal cord, joint spaces and also to look at internal organs. MRI scans take longer than CT scans. Certain conditions do not allow people to have MRI scans, such as pacemaker’s or certain metal objects in the body. 

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 going for MRI


All of our investigations are done onsite at 9 Harley Street or in a local dedicated scanning centre. 

If you already have a referral for an investigation and would like us to arrange it, please do email us with your referral details using our “book an appointment” form

You can contact the MRI appointment desk directly if you have all the information to book your scan on : 0207 079 2100