Quality Assurance

Acute Healthcare, is a company that provides the next generation of Private Doctor services.   At Acute Healthcare it is all about you the patient, we constantly challenge ourselves to continually answer the following questions:

  1. Is the patient receiving what they most need?
  2. Is there anything more we can do to improve patient care?
  3. Is there anything more we can provide to make life more convenient for the patient?
  4. Is there anything more we can offer to keep patients healthy between visits?

At Acute Healthcare our patients have direct access to their own Doctor meaning they receive a personalised service from the first phone call.

At Acute Healthcare we strive to deliver world class preventative care and successfully do so by our Doctors having both a personalised and vested medical interest in the management of their personal patient list.

At Acute Healthcare we work with, and offer services that extend beyond the clinic, managing health between consultations.  Our patients have a medical team that work like a ‘personal trainer’ to encourage, monitor and keep our patients healthy.

All the referral specialists have a world class reputation in thier own right and established clinical practices for many years.  Acute Healthcare is proud to work with such partners.

All specialists have thier own appraisals, offical medical board regulation certificates and medical indemnity and where needed CQC registration.

For membership enquiries please email: info@acutehealthcare.co.uk