Ultrasound Scanning


An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of body structures. There is no radiation involved and so are safe to use in pregnancy to look at the growth of the baby. It is also used to look at structures causing inflammation in the liver, gallbladder, testes, lymph nodes, neck swellings, breast lumps and cysts on the body. It is also used to look at the heart in a test called a cardiac ECHO which looks at the valve movement and blood flow through the heart. 

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 Going for Ultrasound


All of our investigations are done onsite at 9 Harley Street or in a local dedicated scanning centre. 

If you already have a referral for an investigation and would like us to arrange it, please do email us with your referral details using our “book an appointment” form.

You can contact the ultrasound appointments desk directly if you have all the booking information needed on : 0207 079 2100